Welcome to Houdini the Key

This is a private forum for owners of Patrick Culliton’s Houdini the Key to discuss the book’s details. To access the forum, click Register in the bottom right corner. If you don’t own a copy of the book yet, go to houdinisghost.com and order one!

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11 Responses to Welcome to Houdini the Key

  1. hhoudinice says:

    Like the idea of this site.

  2. Leo Hevia says:

    A blog Houdini scholars can sink their teeth into: The Mirror Challenge, the elephant vanish, the legendary jail breaks.

    • pkcull says:

      I don’t have much to add to what I wrote about the Mirror Challenge or the Vanishing Elephant in the book Houdini–the Key, but, I will endeavor to correct anything that’s wrong. I also covered the jailbreaks in the book and if you reread those three chapters — well, what is left to say. I want to reread Mick Hanzlik’s little books about the Mirror Cuff.
      Now, I’d still like to know more about the underwater packing box.

  3. David Saltman says:

    Hooray! In with the in-crowd! So – let’s have all the secrets!

    • pkcull says:

      Part of the idea, David, is that on this blog, YOU can tell ME about the secrets.

      • David Saltman says:

        Well, here’s a question, to get the ball vanished: did he ever put his pet eagle into any act? I used to do Cups & Balls with my pet parrot perched on my shoulder. At the critical moment, he’d say, “It’s in your pocket!”

        • pkcull says:

          I love your parrot’s role in the Cups and Balls.
          No (as far as I know).
          Besides, as Teller who bought an original photo, found out: it’s not an eagle — it’s a red tailed Hawk.

  4. Leo Hevia says:

    My copy of The Key is in my 5 x 10 public storage. Will pull it out later this month since I’ll be moving the books to another location. I do have the Unlocked set next to my bed. Isn’t that an earlier version of The Key?

  5. pkcull says:

    Houdini–the Key is a rewrite of book two the Secret Confessions of Houdini.
    The how he did it manual.

  6. DeanCarnegie says:

    So thrilled to be part of this group. Houdini The Key is always one of my go-to books when researching Houdini. Thanks for putting this up Pat, can’t wait to see where it leads us!

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